I make hard things easy. I approach most challenges through continuous improvement, well-chosen metrics, and doing simple things well.

I bring clarity to projects, teams, and strategies. Throughout my years in cybersecurity, I’ve noticed that adjustments to business process and management strategy usually deliver better results than the conventional practice of extra tech spend. Many businesses overspend on security for only nominal protection.


I frequently speak on security, process design, and management strategy. If you are interested in booking me for an event or workshop, go here.

Simple Salt

I started Simple Salt to help businesses prevent internet crime easier, better, faster, and stronger than conventional approaches. We apply creative, common-sense strategies that meaningfully address the everyday threats that end businesses.


I persuade the people around me that they are valuable, worth loving, and are capable of good. I have no use for performative work, shame, or pleasant lies. I am here to make things better; to identify and execute on my next right step and help others do the same.


Execution & Operations

Traditional Cybersecurity

Cloud Systems Design