I offer practical approaches to avoiding internet crime. Talks focus on dispelling myths, easy wins, and luddite-friendly explanations. Each can be adapted to fill a slot between thirty and sixty minutes long.

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How to Delight Customers with Good Security

Many businesses incur significant cost and extend sales cycles from customer security oversight such as questionnaires, audits, and contract negotiations. In this talk, we discuss strategies to streamline and accelerate these activities. Done right, your security responses can even be a differentiating value proposition to help you win bids.

Also available as a workshop; participants generate a personalized plan for their business.

How to Hire and Manage a Cybersecurity Team

Many senior leaders find security mystifying; they do not understand the work those teams do and what a successful team looks like. As a result, many security teams are misaligned to the rest of their organization and spend resources for no benefit. This talk describes how to help your security teams be most effective.

Also available as a ninety-minute workshop; each participant will generate an action plan to deliver on their needs for a security team.

How to Think about Cybersecurity Insurance

People have mixed feelings about insurance: policies are expensive and have lengthy eligibility requirements. Yet in an age of rising internet crime, it would be foolhardy to skip having one. This talk explains which businesses benefit most from insurance, how the right policy fits into an overall crime-prevention plan, and even how it can increase your risk of attack.

Why Most Lean Six Sigma Initiatives Fail

Since the 1980s, the business world has been awash in Lean Six Sigma efforts. Often billed as the path for transformations to unlock double- or triple-digit growth, they usually fail to deliver and are cut at the next reorg. Yet every decade since has seen highly successful organizations that swear by its principles. This talk explains the underlying value proposition of Lean Six Sigma, why most companies fail at it, and how to unlock its value.