I authentically share my stories, realizations, and current journeys in business and personal growth.


I demystify security and show business leaders the easy and effective ways to stop internet crime. These topics resonate best with lawyers, finance leaders, and the occasional CEO.


I persuade people of their value and that even if painful, their growth is worth pursuing. For a sample, see my tiktok.

These domains are deeply interconnected for me. I’m happy to talk about most intersections of the common professional and personal growth topics I am passionate about.


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That Wasn’t Too Hard

In March 2021, I launched an educational podcast with Maha Mubarak focused on lean, metrics, business culture, UI design, and other topics. It met some of our learning and growth goals, but we paused the project after 6 months. One of the things we learned is how much work it is to produce a podcast 😃.

Someday we might get back to it; we both have passion in the topics.