I offer practical approaches to avoiding internet crime. Talks focus on dispelling myths, easy wins, and luddite-friendly explanations.

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The Only Way to Stop Identity Theft

There are a lot of scare tactics and snake oil in the identity-protection world. We separate what works from what does not. Sneak peek: effective protection is surprisingly easy.

Also available as a ninety-minute workshop; participants will apply the protections for themselves and get easy-to-follow procedures for maintaining them.

Protect Yourself and Get More Done: Password Managers Done Right

Passwords are annoying, and it feels impossible to follow all the advice. Password Managers are here to save your day. Used correctly, they are one of the best ways to stop internet crime.

Also available as a workshop; participants set up a recommended password manager on their devices and learn to use it correctly.

Protecting Elders and Vulnerable Adults

Internet criminals prefer targeting elders because they are more likely to fall for scams than other groups and often have access to larger funds. If you care for vulnerable adults, what can you do to help them avoid those scams? This talk discusses their top threats and the most effective ways that you can safeguard against them.