I offer practical approaches to avoiding internet crime. Talks focus on easy wins, dispelling myths, and luddite-friendly explanations. Each can be adapted to fill a slot between thirty and sixty minutes long.

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Protect Yourself from Internet Crime by Outsourcing IT and Finance

Delegating IT and Finance to dedicated vendors can help you grow your business and improve your resistance to internet crime.

Protect Yourself and Get More Done: Password Managers Done Right

Passwords are annoying, and it feels impossible to follow all the advice. Password Managers are here to save your day. Used correctly, they are one of the best ways to stop internet crime.

Also available as a workshop; participants set up a recommended password manager on their devices and learn to use it correctly.

What American Title Companies Learned the Hard Way

Paying for real estate in the USA is an attractive target for internet criminals. A single title company may process millions of dollars in transactions every day, each with new people unfamiliar with the process and no recourse if a criminal steps in to divert a payment. The title industry solved this challenge. We look at the top approaches they developed and how they can work for other businesses.

Demystifying the Cloud

Skeptics describe the cloud as “someone else’s computer,” implying it is no better than doing it yourself. Yet many companies are saving millions in IT and efficiency costs by moving to cloud-native designs. Other cloud migration projects have failed: overbudget and with nothing to show. Why? In this talk, we discuss the true benefits of the cloud and the hallmarks of a strategy that will succeed.

Also available as a workshop; participants generate an action plan toward a cloud-first strategy.

How to Think about Cybersecurity Insurance

People have mixed feelings about insurance: policies are expensive and have lengthy eligibility requirements. Yet in an age of rising internet crime, it would be foolhardy to skip having it. This talk explains which businesses benefit most from insurance, how the right policy fits into an overall crime-prevention plan, and even how it can increase your risk of attack.

The Best Way to Protect Sensitive Client Information

Safeguarding client secrets is critical to maintaining your trusted reputation. But clients can be inconsistent, misinformed, or even sloppy about protecting secrets they send. How can you efficiently serve them while ensuring they are protected? This talk describes how.